Pattern for DD Shirt

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You can sew a cute fitted shirt using this pattern! The included sleeves are long but could easily be shortened to make a t-shirt. Since this shirt is so form-fitting it can be made as a protective layer to protect your bjd from staining. The shirt has a snug, sexy fit on L-bust and a more casual fit on M-bust.

Instructions are similar to the Mirielle Cardigan Pattern. Use stretch/knit fabric and needle. Follow the arrow guides on the pattern- make sure your fabric stretches most in the direction that the arrows lead. If the machine tries to ‘eat’ the edges, add a paper towel underneath while sewing and then tear away after.

I haven’t included trim in the printable pattern, but it should be easy to figure out using a tape measure or ribbon to find the edge length. For cuffs/trim, measure the length of the edge, and then cut a piece 3.5cm tall with the measured length, and fold in half long ways before attaching.



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  1. I just lover your patterns and your website- I’ve added it to my RSS feed! Keep up the wonderful work! <3