Pattern for DD headcap

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Here’s a really practical pattern- a headcap to protect your precious DD’s head from stains, and to help secure loose wigs. This design is based on the headcaps sold by Cool Cat, if you aren’t feeling up to sewing your own you can pick up an affordable headcap from them. This pattern should fit any 8-9″ BJD head, and even slightly smaller heads like SQ labs depending on the fabric used and allowance.


You’ll need stretchy fabric and some thin elastic, lingerie elastics work well. The amount of allowance will vary depending on your fabric, so stretch it around your doll’s head to get an idea of how it will fit. Use a knit or stretch type needle and zig-zag stitch. If the fabric slips or stretches place some paper underneath while you sew, and tear away at the end.


Sewing Instructions:
1. Fold the bottom hem and pin elastic along the edge, then stitch in place.
2. Match up the back edges and sew together up to the peak of the headcap.
3. Line up the middle seams and stitch together. You may need to make another pass to round off the corners.
4. Trim excess fabric, flip and wear!