Nier Automata 2B Arrival

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She’s here! About 14 months after I ordered her, and just in time for Christmas, my 2B finally arrived. Putting together her fullset is an endeavor but the pictures on the instructions were enough to get me through it. The package itself was pretty heavy, which mainly seemed to be due to the metal stand included for her robot friend. It looks similar to the metal stands Volks sells for BJD, so I might see if I can get that chair attachment for it and swap robofriend to a lightweight clear plastic stand instead…


The outfit design feels very true to the game, although the DD Dynamite bust feels like too much for the character. I guess Volks was reluctant to introduce a non-standard bust size for DDdy just for 2B, but I’d like to see that pear-shaped figure supported at some point. The outfit itself is well-made and cleverly engineered. The included bodysuit has a boob window and special side zip so it doesn’t show through the sheer back panel. The face mask is lined but I still didn’t trust it enough to leave on long term. After wearing the rest of the set for about a week, I didn’t see any stains apart from a small rust-colored spot on the bodysuit center back area.


I really like how 2B looks with a long wig! I know there’s a character like this in the game, but I didn’t play through enough times to get her whole backstory…


The more BJD-style resin eyes reflect the light differently from the standard DD eyes. I haven’t tried swapping them out yet, they look to be around 18mm?


Trying a more casual style- I think the eyes will have to get swapped soon, the blank robotic stare is great for a cool-headed android girl but not so much for natural looks.


Dynamite body looks great in shorts <3


Between 2B and Dollfie Icon, I’m happy to see Volks extending the range of styles available in the vinyl line of dolls. Although I do love the style of resin Super Dollfie, I can’t give up the posability and durability of vinyl in the same scale, so I hope these releases continue!