New Store and Acrylic Eyes

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I’m happy to announce the launch of my new shop!

Since I’ve started selling my custom made eyes more often, I realized I needed a better system to handle sales, pre-orders and custom designs. With the shopping cart system at Storenvy it should be easy to manage larger volumes of orders, as well as providing a nice space to sell my custom painted heads and other accessories. Plus if you’ve already got an account there then you can wishlist items you want to buy later. The whole setup is similar to Etsy but with fewer restrictions on what I’m able to sell in the future. I’m excited that I can offer my eyes to more people and I hope this shop is a much superior experience!

One of the new items I’m offering is a hybrid acrylic-resin eye. Lately I’ve been experimenting with different resins and eye making materials, and I was delighted at how nice this particular combination can look. Because I’m using a pre-made acrylic base, there is a limit to the shapes and sizes of eyes I can make. However the upside is that I can reduce the cure time and potential failures of the more complex resin eyes, which means these eyes are cheaper and ship much faster!

Another nifty feature is the glitter effect I’ve added. It looks particularly lovely on darker eye designs like this one! Plus to make these eyes a bit more special, I’m offering them in 22mm size, which I haven’t sold before. This size is the most common for Dollfie Dream heads and should work for a larger variety of dolls than my 24mm eyes. I’m planning to add 20mm and 24mm acrylic eyes and a custom design option in the future.

These eyes have a low, almost flat center compared to similar acrlic eyes from Volks. The result is that there is less reflection from light on the eye, and the design is less distorted. I’m excited that I can offer these really unique and nice-looking eyes, and I hope you like them as much as I do!