New Arrivals: Anastasia and Emilia

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Two new girls arrived the same week! Looks almost like they could be sisters, right?

Anya had be on pre-order for more than a year, but Emilia was more of an impulse decision. Fortunately her lottery wasn’t competitive, maybe interest in ReZero has dwindled. I like the character and the anime, and for me she’s a new top-10 DD, so I’m glad I could snag her!

Anastasia is dressed up in her default set, but for Emilia I wanted to try a more casual look, and I also changed her eyes for some homemade urethane eyes.

Maybe you’ll remember that last year I had Melty do a quick cosplay of Emilia- I do like this character design! Guess I’m a sucker for elf girls. And these pretty eyes happened to fit Volks Emilia- lucky!


The details of their faceups are really nice, though for Anya I definitely want to repaint her at some point- there’s a ton of potential in this sculpt. And I’ve seen lots of cute custom Emilias, too! Just have to finish a dozen other half-finished projects first, sigh.

Anya’s default set is really pretty and lots of nice details! Her wig isn’t bad, either. I didn’t put her earrings on since I’m not a fan of drilling permanent holes for them.

Emilia is so sweet <3

She’s wearing a home made dress with a Volks shirt, Lullabye Poem wig and nekomimi made by Islander. Her necklace is from a Taobao shop.


Anya’s set looks like a potential stain monster, but turned out to be ok for short-term wear. After 24 hours, the only stains were on her lower legs, from around the zippers on her boots. It could probably be delayed with some socks/bodystocking under the boots. The gloves left a lot of dark lint but didn’t stain.

Just a side view to show how HUGE the bustle of this dress is- it’s also wired for posing. The back of the dress is not as tidy as I’d like, there are two bulky closures on top of each other which not only makes dressing trickier but doesn’t show off the dress or the figure that well. Some of the other Volks corseted sets have concealed side closures, which would have made lots of sense here. Aside from that and the staining boots it’s a pretty nice set with some great details, so I’m willing to forgive a bit.

Bonus! Anya as a sweet MDD. Not really my taste but could be perfect for fans of princess types!