Mirielle cardigan pattern

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I’ve already posted some photos of the prototype, and now Mirielle’s cute cardigan is ready to debut as a pattern! The cardigan is styled to be loose and longer in the sleeve, but with a short shrug-style body. Of course, you can easily modify the pieces to suit your own style.

Basic instructions:
Use stretch/knit fabric and needle. If the machine tries to ‘eat’ the edges, add paper underneath and then tear away after.
The trim pieces aren’t drawn to scale – use the measurements provided for these.

1. Attach front pieces to back piece at the top.

2. Fold the short trim piece in half longways, and with Right Side to Right Side, sew along the back piece’s bottom edge.

3. Fold the long trim piece longways, and sew RS to RS along the front and neckline.

4. For sleeves: Fold cuff in half longways, and sew RS to RS on sleeve. Same for both sleeves.

5. Pin sleeve RS to armhole RS and stitch around the armhole. Do the same for both.

6. Turn the shirt and sleeves to wrong side out. Line up the sleeve and side hems. Starting at the sleeve cuff, stitch down the length of the sleeve and continue down the side. Do the same for both sides, and then turn to right side.

7 Responses

  1. really cute :3!

  2. im so going to try this ^_^

  3. Nice!! too bad i cant sew.

  4. This is really adorable!

    How come you’re not selling this stuff? You know us DD Forums folk would go crazy over it!!

    Also… I love the blog header!!! Is this new? Or have I just been staring at your RSS feed without actually going to the blog for too long?????

    • Thanks! I changed the header a few weeks ago :)
      I’m still learning a lot about sewing, so I’m really slow and the results are not consistent. If I can come up with some items that I can do well and consistently I may sell them. Otherwise I’ll just share the pattern for other folks to enjoy.
      Thanks for following :D

  5. ps… I’m following your blog through google now too hehe!

  6. pps… this is littlebearries