MDD Arle Arrival

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I’d pretty much given up on getting Arle since I lost the lottery, the aftermarket prices were steep, and the exchange rate tanked. But my WTB post was still active and so I managed to snag her after all! And she is even cuter in person, boy howdy! Apologies for the poor photos of her default set, I couldn’t get my photo gear to cooperate. I wasn’t sure if her fullset would be stain safe, though wearing it for an hour she didn’t seem to pick up any dye from the cape or skirt. To be safe I switched her to a cute casual set for my next photoshoot which went much smoother.


Before seeing her in person, I didn’t realize her eyes and eyelashes had bits of blue in them. It looks so pretty and vibrant! I love little details like that, definitely want to steal the look for a future faceup ^_^
Her costume is not bad, it’s not as lovely or detailed as Cirno’s and the fabric baubles on the cape should have been plastic but it’s pretty cute. I may test it out longer on an old MDD body to see if that red lined cape will stain.


I’m glad her default wig is pretty good quality, definitely a relief after the mess that was Kirika’s wig. The wig cap is light colored and seems unlikely to stain. Although to match the product pictures I had to use wig wax to style her bangs a bit, otherwise a cute low-maintenance wig.


Have to say, her sculpt is super cute from every angle! I know some folks complain about Volks releasing yet another cute/smiling DD, but honestly that’s what they do best! I can find serious/sultry resin girls all over, but this brand of cute is harder to make than it appears and Volks nailed it this time. She doesn’t really have the super chubby cheeks that make DDH-04 and DDH-10 unappealing to me. From my perspective MDD Arle is the perfect kind of cute ^_^




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  1. Uwaah, congrats! She’s sooo cute! ;__; ♥ It’s really such a shame that so few (international) people won her in the lottery, there aren’t many photos of her around. I hope that you’ll post this cutie a lot! ♥

    I hope I could manage to find Arle, too, but things don’t look too good for me because of the aftermarket prices are way over my budget. *sigh*

    • jadepixel

      Thanks Mizya! I feel lucky I was able to get her for a not too ridiculous price, I think the cost will go down after a few more dolls are released (that’s usually the way it goes)
      Meanwhile I really wish Volks would do a MDD pre-order, because they always make very few of them :L