Lorina Arrives!

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Last night I got a large package from Volks USA… it was wrapped like a Christmas present!

Inside was a nice note signed by all the Volks USA staff! And Lorina too *_*

Because she’s a one-off from the Volks Holiday Greeting event, she was already dressed and assembled except for the wig, hat, and collar detail. Her extra articulated legs were included, but I’ll hold off on figuring out that mystery for now.

She’s my first resin SD, so my initial impression was- she’s big! Even though she’s the same size as DD, heh. It’s just, her head is bigger than DD! And she weighs about 7 pounds more.

Like the new SDC, the SDGrG body has good posability and the joints often snap and hold a pose without much fuss. I’m still getting used to her large hands, my mind is so set to DD aesthetic.

The benefit of being big is extra detail in the faceup and eyes, and a somewhat commanding presence next to my other dolls. Already she has some new outfits waiting to try, so look forward to seeing her fresh appearance soon!

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  1. Whoa she’s so beautiful!