Leocadie Reborn

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Twins again! Well, there’s a story here. Long, long ago (in 2011) I got my first DDH-03 head to test the waters and see how I felt about an SD-sized vinyl doll. It should be pretty clear how that worked out! And I kept that original head as ‘Leocadie’ after redoing my first faceup effort. She didn’t have a body until Neris arrived, but I always considered her my first DD. Over the years I touched up and tweaked her faceup a bit, but lately I was feeling it really needed a redo. I could take advantage of the new soft-headcap style heads, and use a semi-white skintone which I felt would suit her better. Since I was planning this for a while, when I finally had a chance to paint her the process went super fast. So original Leocadie will retire, maybe catch up on some reading or travel, while new Leocadie v2 takes the stage.