Leo faceup fixes

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Leo’s peach lipstick has been bothering me for a while, so now that the weather’s nicer I decided to edit her faceup. Her lips were re-colored with pastels and just a little bit of watered-down gloss. While I was at it, I thinned her eyebrows a bit as well.

It was also an experiment to see if I could modify a MSC-sealed faceup. Using solvent (like brush cleaner) to remove the lip color leaves a noticeable edge where sealant is partly removed as well. To fix this, I used a fine-grit sandpaper to soften the edge of the sealant, cleaned that up a bit with magic eraser, and then re-sealed on top. Worked like a charm!

2 Responses

  1. Leo looks so fresh and pretty!

    I love those grey Twin Snow eyes. They suit her beautifully!