Late Winter Photo Roundup

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Another year, another photo roundup! This is where I gather up pics that didn’t get their own post earlier, though you may recognize some from Instagram.

I did a bit more doll lab experimentation with DDP body- here my DDH-10 girl Noelle is trying it out with some DD hands and an MDD outfit that fits pretty well.


Further experiments got Arle in the mix, trying out another sweet MDD outfit with the DDP body. Cute!


I like the long legs of DDP- reminds me of classic ‘magical girl’ types like Card Captor Sakura.


Another quick test was Nemu with DDdy body. She tends to end up on MDD in my household but it isn’t a bad look for her!


I didn’t do a full new arrival/box opening but in January I welcomed SDC Renee. She was my grail for ages and I couldn’t resist when she lingered in stock on the Volks website.


I didn’t realize before she arrived that the ears are flocked resin and attach with magnets to the headcap. She can also wear magnetic horns and other fun accessories! Apparently Volks is adding this as an option to future FCS orders in Japan.


I ended up swapping her eyes since the defaults felt too big- maybe because they were dark? Lighter eyes seem to suit her better! Here Renee is hanging out with my SDC Mina.


I’m probably in the minority but I really like the slim and posable SDC body compared to heftier SDM types.


Chihaya has been borrowing Smart Doll body lately.  This outfit fits pretty well and hasn’t stained, although the lack of a shapely bust option is the real tragedy here!


And that’s it for winter photos! Spring is nearly here and that means faceup weather and outdoor photoshoots. I’m hoping to also make another batch of eyes and continue work on a few other back-burner doll projects, if time permits. As always thanks for your support!