Lady Wizard set review

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With Volks’ last outfit release I had my sights set on the 3 fantasy-themed outfits, and when the click wars came around I was able to narrow my objective to a single set: Lady Wizard. Although the sets sold out very fast I was at least able to acquire my primary target, as well as a few other loot for the ladies. Lou is my lovely model for this review, and she got a large ‘upgrade’ in order to wear this set.


I’m happy to say that this outfit seems pretty safe from the inside. Although there are some red threads on the inner skirt, tucking in the shirt should protect the body from stains. The shirt tucked in looks alright due to being hidden behind both the bodice and belt.

Just check out the details on this set! I think the asymmetric gather of the skirt can be untied for a more traditional look, too. It seems that Volks could have added a few more loops on the bodice to allow smaller sizes to wear it, but as is it fits very nicely on DD3 with L-bust. Oh, and all those bits are included except the arm bangles, which are from Neris’s default set.

Overall, this set is well made and has a lot of bang for the buck. I’ll probably try for the other two sets from VolksUSA so I can complete my party!