Kirika and wig loot

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I’ve returned from my France trip, but didn’t bring any dolls along with me for photos this time, it was a whirlwind tour! So now I finally have time to play around with my new lens. A box of new Leeke wigs arrived, which I ordered a while ago to get the winter sale prices and a few custom color ones. Kirika has been wearing this yellow Himekazura wig lately, but since some of the new wigs are intended for her she’ll be my model this time ^_^


This pinkcocktail/evecream blend wig has a subtle gradient, it’s really lovely in person. It’s difficult to photograph but I love these low-contrast color mixes.


Blond ponytail, it’s a lot neater than Kirika’s default wig and should work better with the butterfly clip. Just like with Chihaya I’ve bought a replacement default wig for the crummy Volks ones :/


This is the wig I knew I had to have for Kirika, it’s the perfect mysterious elf girl wig! The braid is a bit big for my taste but with some flowers or ribbons it will look lovely.


And my quest for the perfect Erio Touwa wig is seemingly at an end, this one is just right :)