Kikipop Arrival

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So this cutie finally arrived! When ordering her it was hard to choose between the pink and brown versions, but the chocolate bunny concept ended up being too cute to resist.

Overall the fullset quality is ‘pretty good’, it’s Azone so like usual there’s stray threads and the shoes could be better. Her bunny hood has wiring around the edge so you can pose it in a cute way around her chubby cheeks. Versus previous Kikipop releases by Azone, there are some improvements to the wrist and ankle joint posing, and her eyes now have a metallic shine. The first release Kikipop I handled seemed to have smoother posing, but maybe my bunny gal just needs to get her joints broken in a bit, as it were. She came with an extra pair of loosely fisted hands, and changing them out was a cinch.


The wig is shiny and soft, the fiber is similar to a Parabox wig and harder to style than the dry, fluffy Leeke wig fiber. It’s sort of a pain to get all her long hairs sorted under the bunny hood, though. Her wig was held on with just a dab of glue, so it’s a lot easier to change out than prior Kikipop wigs. Some experimenting found that she can fit 7-8″ and 8-9″ wigs, though there was enough variation along with her tall pointy head that it’s hit and miss. The best fit I found was a 7-8″ Wigwing wig.


Something about her cute, chunky proportions is just begging for adorable dresses to be sewn. Not like I have a ton of other projects in progress already >.>
So far Azone hasn’t released accessories for Kikipop, though there’s some options through Etsy. I imagine that given her popularity we should see some outfits or shoes released soon. Unlike DD I don’t see myself needing more Kikipop dolls, unless of course they release the neko version…