Kagamine Rin Arrival

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My years-long Volks lottery losing streak finally ended with both Rin and Len!
I’m not particularly interested in their original characters so I’m planning to split their fullsets and customize their faceups. And since Len is the first DD boy of course I’m going to keep his body to play around with! Maybe sew some boy clothes, finally?

Even though both shipped on the same day, Len is still stuck in Osaka whereas Rin made it home in record time. Seriously, I hadn’t even bothered to check her tracking number yet when she showed up on my doorstep! I’d have been kicking myself if I’d missed her and had to make a Monday morning post office run, so I’m glad I ran into the mail carrier on my way out of the house!


Overall, Rin’s appearance is ‘cute!’ She has a sweet smile and large eyes, similar to Yaya but with overall larger features. In fact her head seems pretty big in general, even for a DD girl. I had a tricky time getting my raspberry Lullaby Poem wig to fit on her. Haven’t tried different eyes yet, but I have a feeling 24mm is going to be what works best. For my custom plan, I was thinking of putting her on MDD or DDP size body, but now I’ll have to see if her huge noggin will accommodate my ambitions!


It’s hard to see without zooming in really close, but the faceup is a bit messy. It’s not as pretty and detailed as Arle’s faceup, either, so I don’t have much hesitation about wiping it. For those considering keeping the default faceup, the yellow highlights aren’t really as visible in person as they appear in flash photos.


And of course with a blond wig she’s extra cute! I definitely get a ‘Miku’ vibe from her sculpt even though I don’t own a Miku. They do look like they belong in the same universe, though I wonder about the size difference of their heads being an issue for folks who own both.



If you’re interested in the Rin or Len’s vocaloid costumes, Len’s wig, or Rin’s DDS body with painted nail hands, send me a message on Dollfie Dreams forum (jadepixel) or email jadepixeldoll@gmail.com :3