Kagamine Len Arrival

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Len arrived too!
It’s been a busy week so no time for a super-elaborate photoshoot- not that I have any great outfits lined up for him yet!
This Dollheart outfit for SD Boy is pretty loose, especially the waist of the pants. It makes sense, the DDS boy body is definitely closer to 50cm scale and quite slim at that. He makes a cute little prince though :)


I’m thinking I’ll repaint him as a girl, the sculpt of his lips just seems really feminine to me. His head didn’t seem gigantic but maybe I’m used to Rin’s big noggin now.


His hands look like the DD ‘deka’ hands with painted nails, not sure if they are a special sculpt since I don’t have this type to compare with.


The faceup is pretty simple, not as messy as Rin’s application. Like Rin the yellow bits of the faceup show up a lot more in photos than in person. Lips have a very orange feel, not really a fan of that choice for him. Such a girly mouth >.< len-0261

DDS Boy is really good at posing! He can bend back at the waist a lot further than he can bend forward, but that has its uses I suppose. The slimmer and wider-set thighs allow a better range of motion from the hips. It appears the lower arms, shins, hands and feet are the same as DDS body. Doesn’t seem like Volks has made the improved wrist parts standard yet.


Compared to DDS S-bust body, he’s almost the same height. The 07 head feels bigger due to the longer, more mature face sculpt.


From the rear, definitely a more manly rump ;)
There’s also more definition on the thighs.


Len’s head gets its big size from the cranium, vs 07 head which is more tall but less rounded in back.

The main difficulty I foresee with Len is that he’s basically a non-standard size. I’ll have to seek out boyish DDS-sized clothes and shoes since SD Boy stuff is going to be way too big. It doesn’t really solve the issue of DD’s not having a male equivalent, though it does give them a cute little brother to hang out with.