Custom faceups and blushing
DDH-02 custom Mirielle
Custom/modded SWS DDH-02 head ‘Mirielle’ – $200
Mirielle is a custom modded DDH-02 with jadepixel faceup. She has a very gentle, melancholy expression. The nose and upper lip of the head were reduced and sanded to a perfect smooth finish, and faceup was applied with acrylic paint, watercolor pencil and pastel. MSC flat was sprayed as a base and in several coats during each layer of the faceup, with a heavy top coat to finish. Light gloss was applied to the lips. As a bonus, Mirielle with come with a hand-made pair of resin eyes similar to the ones pictured. Mirielle is compatible with semi-white skin bodies such as MDD, DD, DDS and DDdy from Volks.
ddh-02 custom

Second hand items
DDS SS bust new body
Kagamine Rin DDS SS-bust body with painted nail hands – $315
Brand new, only unpacked for this photo. Because this is Rin’s body, she comes with unique manicured yellow nails on her ‘holding’ hands.

DD Kagamine Rin fullset
Kagamine Rin outfit and accessories – $125
Brand new Kagamine Rin outfit from Volks! I received Rin recently but I want to change her character. This outfit is designed for DDS SS-bust body, but I’m pretty sure it will fit DD SS-bust and probably S-bust girls or DDS boys as well. I’m including the manual/papers since the decals are packed with them. Rin’s wig is is not included with the set.

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