I got a doll…

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I managed to avoid buying any dolls since Sheryl arrived in November- unless you count trading Lucy for Yaya, and finishing Leo v2’s faceup… let’s not count those ok? ^_^;
But I broke my streak in one fell swoop. First, I gave in and pre-ordered a Kikipop doll. After playing with one of these in person I had to get her- the chunky body is so cute and fun to pose! It’s like the heavy-duty version of PureNeemo. Seems like a fun doll to throw in a bag and take on trips/hikes like I do with the Azone girls.
And then I got another doll…


I was looking for cheap outfits on Yahoo Auctions when I stumbled over a random one-off SD boy. The sculpt wasn’t mentioned in the listing so I took a closer look, sometimes you find good deals that way… and then his adorable face stole my heart. The winning price was stunningly cheap, I don’t imagine a SD10 boy body is worth anything but basically I got that and wig/eyes/clothes for free, if he’s who I think he is. Can’t really tell if I’ll have to do a new faceup when he arrives, this one is a bit mysterious and exciting. My first boy! Already brainstorming sewing projects.


And being pretty vulnerable to the inclination to combine my proxy orders, I scrounged around Y!J further looking for cheap DD heads to paint, and landed on a Yui. She’s been off and on my wishlist for a while, but just because she was so common she wasn’t a high priority. Repainted Yui is rare but often adorable, so I want to give it a shot. Since the stained/fullset options on Mandarake have gotten spendy, I’m glad I got her for a decent price. She’s going in the repaint pile with Sheryl, Saber and Yaya for sometime this year. Wouldn’t she be a cute catgirl or puppy girl? :D

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  1. chiyosuke

    Fromt he looks of the SD boy… That nose and lip shape look a lot like SD Tae…

  2. chiyosuke

    RIP I don’t think my other comment funneled in but… There was a recent-ish boy Anais/Tae in the VSUSA Holiday Greeting in good ol’ 2014. (
    http://volksusa.com/event/201411oneoff/images/s05.jpg )

    Anais/Tae is an interesting sculpt with a really noticeable nose/mouth combo where one of the nostrils isn’t /exactly/ symmetrical. I think the sculpt itself will make a fantastic boy!

    • jadepixel

      Sorry about that, the comments tend to get flagged if there’s a link included (to prevent spam I presume)
      Thanks for that link! Definitely seems like it’s a Tae/Anais boy, like you said the nostril asymmetry is pretty telling. Though if nobody went for that one-off I suppose Anais boy isn’t too popular, maybe that’s why he wasn’t very expensive. I’m into androgynous looking characters lately so that’s why he caught my eye :)