Hybrid Smart Doll and DD

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Smart Doll and Volks DD normal vinyl both match pretty closely; for a while I’ve been using DD hands on Mirai’s body. Adding a DD head is easy, no mods necessary, so Yoko became my first test subject.

I used a pipe cleaner twisted around the neck post to secure the head, but you could make it extra-secure by adding a washer of some kind. The head poses nicely already, but if it’s loose a bit of silicon putty could be added atop the neck.

Mirai’s M-bust fits this DDy bikini set pretty well, and so far Mirai fits most DDy outfits I’ve tried. With Volks having trouble supplying DD bodies, especially overseas, it’s nice to know that Smart Doll is a viable alternative. The Smart Doll body is expected to sell separately sometime this year, and a male version is planned as well.