How to Make Custom Doll Eyes with UV Resin

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Here’s an easy way to make custom anime-style eyes for your Dollfie Dream or SmartDoll BJD. UV-set resin is crystal clear and easy to work with, so it’s perfect for making small batches of eyes. For this process you’ll need:
White sculpted eye base (made from white urethane resin, apoxie sculpt, sculpey, etc)
Eye design print (mine are from
Clear Super Glue
Padico UV-set resin
UV lamp
Toothpick or other small sculpting tool

And be sure check the rest of my website for more tutorials and sewing patterns!

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  1. Love dolls

    OHHH MY !!! I have been looking for great person like you to teach me how to make these eyes!! I always fail but I knew now where my mistake is…thank you I love you soooooooo much

  2. Love dolls

    I wounder which padico is good? Gummy or Soft type? What is the difference? Thanks again