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What’s it for? I wonder…

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  1. Hi, I guess they are made to put in the eyes one has to assemble themselves.

  2. Maarit

    Those decals look really nice. Saved the picture in my computer to print and try the upper left blue eyes on my white skin Alna. Not that I would have stuff to make eyes out of but I’m really interested to see what it would look like as I’ve been trying to find blue eyes like that for Alna

    What are you going to make out of these?

    • jadepixel

      I’m working on resin eyes now, but they would work for the pupapa plastic eye bases as well. The upper left ones are copied from Sasara, I’ll see if I can find a larger version if you would like to print your own :)

      • Maarit

        Resin eyes <3<3

        I tried pupapa base long ago and I did not like them as the border between different plastics was too visible for my taste. I'm dreaming of one day getting resin liquids and trying casting resin eyes.

        If you are willing to give me bigger version for printing I would love that :)

        • jadepixel

          I hate that plastic edge too, that’s why I’m working on resin eyes.
          Here’s a PSD for the Sasara design-

          • Maarit

            Thank you so much! As soon I got home I loaded the psd and just kept staring at the different layers in amazement. I have never been good with computer graphics so this is very educational