Early Spring Photo Roundup

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Ready for spring yet? It’s almost here!

Things have been crazy busy lately, and I’ve only managed to squeeze in a few doll photos here and there. I’d like to take some time for a real photoshoot, but I’ve been busy with eye experiments, sewing, and plenty of non-doll commitments. So for now, enjoy a few random photos of cuties from the doll lab.

My custom Anais boy, Felix, looking moody. Faceup – jadepixel, eyes – ???, wig – licht, outfit – Volks

Returning Yuki to a classic look and one of my faves. Wig – Leeke, outfit – Volks

Trying out some new style acrylic eyes on my custom DDH-01 girl. Faceup/eyes – jadepixel, wig – Volks MDD Maria, outfit – code noire


More eye experiments with Alna! These are also acrylic. Wig – Leeke, outfit – Volks, eyes – jadepixel.

Made some extra-small resin eyes for Rise. Eyes/body blushing- jadepixel, wig – Leeke, outfit – Volks.

Finished a custom Erica faceup and eyes. Wig – mandarake, outfit – Volks

Len is also a victim of eye experiments. Wig and shirt – Volks, cardigan – Azone

Ichigo testing out some more stylize eye designs. Faceup/eyes – jadepixel, wig – F-zero, outfit – Volks.