Dolpa LA 2019 – See you there!

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Soon I’ll be returning to LA for another trip to Dolpa! This year’s event title ‘Dolls Party in Los Angeles 4 2019‘ doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue. Let’s just say Dolpa, right? I’m hoping to greet old friends and make a few new ones, and maybe come home with a sweet new doll. Maybe I’ll see you there!


Look for me Sunday in the dealer’s area where I’ll be setting up shop with my resin eyes, doll accessories, and a new book. “Jadepixel Dollcraft” is 34 pages of new and enhanced sewing patterns, tutorials, faceup tips and photos. I’ve printed a small run and am not sure if I’ll make more later, so try to pick one up if you’re there. The first 15 copies will include a large sheet of printed sewing patterns from the book so you can more easily copy and cut them.

This is my first doll show as an exhibitor and I’m hoping it goes smoothly. There’s so many talented artisans this year, including my friend Prizmdoll and I hope you’ll support them all.

I’m glad Volks is continuing to expand their showcase doll event for North American collectors and creators, and I’m looking forward to more Dolpas in the future!