Dollfie Dream Liliru Arrival

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Liliru arrived!
My quest to acquire all the current standard DD heads is now complete. Since I’m splitting the rest of her set, she ended up borrowing my DDP body for now. Actually I don’t think it’s a great fit- her head is on the small side and the weak chin makes it look even smaller on the DDP body. MDD body definitely suits her best!


Side view of her overbite, ha! In some photos with strong light it looked unflattering, but in person and with indoors lighting it’s fine. Apparently the strong upper lip is an indicator of a younger/less mature facial structure- I mostly see it in Japanese character designs.


Her faceup is very nicely done, lots of cute details at high fidelity like Karin’s faceup. So far only Towa feels a bit below standard.

These home-made 24mm eyes are probably too big for her, 22mm seems like a safe bet.


I thought she looked really cute with a longer wig, too!


And posed with Karin for a quick comparison. Her head is a bit loose here but even when it’s well seated it looks a bit bobbly to me. I didn’t really plan to upgrade her to a more mature body, so it’s fine for now.

Overall I’m really happy with the latest standard DD from Volks – all the sculpts are very cute and pretty unique. Towa’s faceup isn’t my favorite but all 3 are still a big upgrade over the previous standard offerings. It’s nice to finally have an easy-to-acquire option for DD collectors that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg!