Dollfie Dream DDH-11 D’Coord Arrival

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Well, this happened a bit earlier than planned!
I was hoping to pick up a DDH-11 girl on my upcoming trip to Japan, but then one popped up on Mandarake and- familiar story at this point? – well, I couldn’t resist.

The DDH-11 sculpt is only available as a D’Coord model in Volks Tokyo Dollpoint and Yokohama shops. The styling and outfits for the D’Coord dolls change frequently, and stock is added on an unpublished schedule, so there’s no guarantee that a D’Coord you like will be available at the Volks shop during your visit. Apparently the DDH-11 is now pretty easy to find if you’re able to hit up those two shops in person, but I worried about timing my trip close to the holiday period. Rather than take chances, I picked up this second-hand DDH-11 gal since I liked her looks and the price was right. I can now do my doll shopping in Japan with a bit less stress since my primary objective has already been achieved!


This D’Coord model is from 2017, but I don’t think much has changed since then. The packaging is still the classic yellow window box with sci-fi antlers. When she was released, DDH-11 only had one faceup option and was only available in NS, but now Volks offers two more faceups in rotation as well as tan and SWS in the mix. Of course what shows up at the store is a bit random through Volks does sometimes show off D’Coord sets in the Volks News magazine.

The original COA has her specs like the faceup type, location, price, etc. As is typically the case the original owner or the reseller has removed the name section. It doesn’t look like her last owner altered much or even played with her much at all, since she still has new doll smell.


Her coordinate outfit is this lovely wedding set, which included the bodice, inner skirt, outer skirt, stockings, panties, gloves, veil and shoes. Her wig is a super-long wavy blond with a bow-shaped hair clip. It felt a bit big for her and the clip was hard to wrangle, so I eventually swapped it for a Luts wig that’s more my style.


Her eyes are the type ‘T’ which Volks uses frequently. I feel they’re a bit big for her, I’ll try some narrower designs when I swap them out. Her faceup is really pretty with saturated pink around the eyes and a bit of shine painted on the cheeks. It’s not quite as saturated in person as it appears in these photos. The faceup feels well suited to her sculpt, which has a classic shoujo anime vibe from the acorn shaped head and full lips. I could definitely see her being a cute Sailor V!


With a less finicky wig and a borrowed bouquet she’s looking very lovely! I was nervous putting on her delicate lace gloves, but they’re a bit stretchy so it wasn’t too much trouble in the end. I really wish Volks had a nice looking solution like this for the Sailor Scout gloves, they all look so bulky and awkward in comparison.

Ever since I saw Volks post photos of her in a peach wig I knew I had to try it! And I think it suits her faceup nicely too.

And there’s also this cute look from the more recent D’Coord selections that I want to try out soon:

I have to admit, if I see her in SWS during my travels I may have to pick up a twin DDH-11 girl.


Special Bonus!

Curious about how DDH-11 looks with the DDP body?

Well, me too obviously! I wasn’t sure about her at first, but it grew on me. Her head isn’t super large, but the wide-set eyes and chubby cheeks do make it feel a bit big on the DDP body. It works a lot better than Liliru, but still feels to me a bit like an adult head on a child body. I wonder, would a DDH-11 with a more casual style faceup suit this body better? I’m looking forward to future experiments to find the perfect style for her!