DD Sheryl Nome Arrival

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Guess who was waiting for me when I returned from my vacation?
Right! I ordered Sheryl almost a year ago, and she’s finally here! Fortunately not as delayed as the Saber Extra pre-order, that was an awful long wait.
Her box has a nicely printed slip case, better than the old yellow style but not too fancy.


Inside she’s bubbled wrapped tightly (I took a little peek this morning before work, haha) and then strapped in with a bra-type hook. Usually there’s just a simple ribbon bow and that does the trick, maybe this is a little faster for production?


There was a lot of drama online about her faceup changing from the promo images and prototype. Her mouth does look different, doesn’t appear to be painted as dark and open, but it’s not bad. I think she reminds me of the DDH-07 sculpt more than Alna or Rise. In the right light her eyes can be really pretty!


The crazy complicated outfit has a manual of its own. It was a little tricky getting her tight one-legged stocking on, but the panties aren’t difficult if you stretch the waistband a bit first (I think that’s what the instructions were telling me to do, anyway). Surprisingly Volks has lined most of the outfit parts, even the undies, though there are a few spots they’ve missed. Nothing a bit of white duct tape can’t fix, I suppose.


I was worried her wig would be a nightmare with frizzy curls and bad quality like Kirika’s, but actually it’s alright. I completely forgot she comes with a second ‘normal’ wig as well.


She comes with gripping hands to hold her mic and the detachable chain. I believe she just holds the end of the chain in her other hand, but anime fans may know better.


At this point my camera is running low on batteries so I’ll wrap up with a few quick shots of her default set. Mine had a few stray threads but no bigger issues, so the overall quality for this set is pretty good! It’s hard to know if you’ll be happy with the doll after such a long wait, but I think Sheryl turned out great and I’m glad I ordered her way back when. I’ll probably end up repainting her soon but her default captures her mature, sexy vibe and could also make a cute boy ;)