DD Sanjie as Anthy

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One dolly resolution I had for this year was to finally finish a custom version of one of my fave anime heroines- Anthy from Revolutionary Girl Utena. My attempts to dye an old DDII body weren’t successful, and at the depths of my frustrations I gave in… and got Sanjie.

Sanjie is the only tan DDII that Volks has made, and she’s related to their older Lost Angles storyline. Honestly I don’t know much about her, though she has an exotic look that I like.

In person her painted face is pretty cute! But it’s hard to photograph. The outfit is tricky too, lots of overlapping fiddly bits, and I’m sure I didn’t quite get it right. Volks included a diagram for her outfit, but I still couldn’t figure out all the jump rings and chain connections.

Compared to semi-white skin, she looks quite tan! Really perfect for Anthy, I think.

My custom 07 head did decently in the dye encounter, so I plan on blushing it to match Sanjie’s body. It ended up a really close match already! Now I wish I had just gotten Sanjie to begin with 9_9

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  1. Amara77

    Wow the mod and dye job on the 07 look great! How did you find Sanjie? patience? LOL
    I can’t wait to see her finished!!

    • jadepixel

      Thanks! There were actually 2 Sanjies up on Yahoo auctions at the same time I was getting frustrated with the dye, so it’s more like an impulse purchase. But I think it’s worthwhile to make the doll I’ve wanted to do for so many years!