DD Rem from Re:Zero arrival

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 A wild Rem appeared!


I was fortunate enough to acquire her through the Volks USA lottery, and she just arrived this week. I wasn’t sure about entering for another doll on the same week as Dolpa, but ultimately decided I couldn’t pass up on a chance to get her. Lately I’ve tried to avoid full sets since I’m more interested in collecting unique head sculpts, but I like the character and anime and her outfit is adorable, so…

Her outfit and wig are pretty good quality, although some pieces seem delicate. Her hair clip in particular makes me nervous. Much of the outfit is lined but inside seams still have black thread, so I added some protective tape there. I’m using Volks DD tape on the clothes instead of the doll, is that allowed?

Her eyes have a pearlescent effect that I really like- they catch light well but don’t reflect a camera flash as much as metallic paper. I’m going to look for paper like this for my next batch of home made eyes!


Rem’s faceup is nicely done with painted highlights on the eyelashes and cheeks. Her chin had some orange-looking blush in promo photos but in person it seems more natural. Also, compared to other DD her head seems to be on the large side. She’d probably look great with a DDy body but I’m not sure MDD or DDP will look right for Rem.


And just for fun, I tried some longer wig styles on Rem too. Her sculpt has a really dramatic overbite but it’s not really visible except in profile- similar to MDD Liliru.


With long hair she’s so elegant! I can’t wait to try more styles for her.


Bonus: Neko Rem!