DD DWC 01 and DWC02 Faceups

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Time for a new pair of faceups! For the first time, Volks has released DD heads for their ‘Dolfie World Cup’ faceup contest, and the sculpts are cute enough I had to pick up both. With the current situation I don’t know if I’ll actually enter the contest, I just was in the mood for painting and summer weather is more favorable for spray sealants like MSC.



These two sculpts are similar to DDH-12 in that there’s no sculpted mouth, so you’re free to paint a wide range of expressions. I chose the theme of ‘Cat’ and ‘Mouse’, hopefully you can tell who’s who!


Mouse is wearing a Code Noir dress, and I believe the wig is from Dollyteria, ear-bows are handmade. Her eyes are sakura style in blue with glitter, 22mm.




Cat has a more pouty expression, and heterchromatic eyes. I’m not sure about this wig for them, still figuring out their style.


Cat’s wig came second-hand from Dollyteria, the outfit is from Volks (except handmade bowtie) and ears/tail are made by Islander.



Thanks for watching!