Cute Elf Hikari

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My custom DDH-08 girl Hikari, looking cute with Parabox elf ears and a 48cm body. Volks DD outfit fits her suprisingly well ^_^



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  1. What a cutie! ♥ The elf ears suit her well and she looks adorable on that body. ^^

    At first I didn’t have much of an opinion of the DDH-08 sculpt, but lately I’ve started liking her quite a bit. Now that she’s available in semi-white, I’d be tempted to get one to share my Mariko’s DDS body, haha… xD Too bad it would mean stalking Y!J, though. >.>;;

    • jadepixel

      Thanks! DDH-08 isn’t my favorite but she can be super cute with the right faceup. And usually not too expensive on YJ, DollfieWorld may have a few SWS soon too ^_^