Custom ReZero Rem and DDH-09 faceups

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Lately I’ve been working on custom faceups again, and since I’ve taken on a couple requests from my doll pals I decided for the sake of efficiency to finish up a couple of my own long-delayed faceup projects as well. The first request was for a custom Rem from the anime Re:Zero -Starting Life in Another World (ゼロから始める異世界生活). She’s using a SWS DDH-06 head with eyes and wig from Taobao. They also sell a pretty nice version of Rem’s maid dress there if you’re a fan too :)


Meanwhile working on Rem I also got a chance to finish a SWS DDH-09 girl. I feel like in past faceups I ended up with too much color on the lips, so I’m really happy her mouth came out the way that I wanted :)
Still haven’t got a name for her yet but I’m trying to think of something optimistic to go with the upcoming new year.



I did a quick test of her on MDD body since I couldn’t recall trying DDH-09 + MDD combo before. It’s not bad but I definitely prefer other heads like DDH-01 or DDH-06 for this size.