Custom Order Eyes- Almost Done!

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The eyes from the last custom order are almost ready to ship! In the next few days I’ll start packing them up and shipping them to their new homes. Before I bid farewell I took a few shots of some lovely custom eyes with my cute Arle as a model.

These 24mm acrylic eyes are using the ‘Twinkle’ style design that I’ve offered in the past, probably the most popular style so far.

Really adorable custom ‘Kuroneko’ eyes. In this case I didn’t create the eye design, the customer was able to provide a high-res image I could use.

These cute eyes from ‘Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid’ have a bit of glitter for extra magical sparkle.

So if you’ve ordered eyes in the latest event, I hope to ship them to you soon! Thanks again for your support <3