Custom Love Live Nozomi and DDH-10 faceups

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As 2016 comes to it’s conclusion, I’m wrapping up a few last faceups and making plans for the next year. Seems that my long-delayed Sheryl and Rosie faceups won’t be finished in December, but I’ve at least made some progress. I was able to finish up this cute DDH-10 girl, whose head I picked up from Mandarake a while back.

As suggested by Volks she looks best on MDD body, though I’m curious to see how she’ll look on the upcoming DDP body which is a bit taller and slimmer. With her wintry outfit and Christmas arrival I decided to call her ‘Noelle’.



Also squeaking in before year’s end is this cute custom Nozomi. She’s a repainted Erica Fontaine, who I think works very well for the character! She’s going off to her home with Innocentsake once I’ve got custom eyes made for her.



This year has been pretty productive – I did lots of faceups and made tons of eyes, got a new macro lens to (hopefully) improve my dolly portraits, and I was able to attend a few meetups and make new friends in the BJD community. Next year I’m hoping to finish my in-progress faceups, develop some new tricks for making eyes, and get caught up on some sewing projects I’ve been itching to try. Sewing is also a good excuse to update my patterns and make some new ones to share. I’m also hoping to visit 2017 LA Dolpa, but since my current employment situation is a bit uncertain I’ll have to wait and see.

One thing I’ve learned this year is that big things beyond your control can totally upset your orderly life, but it’s not necessarily a bad thing! I’ll hold that hope in my heart going forward in 2017.
See you there!