Custom Kos-mos Dollfie Dream

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Kos-mos has been here for a while now but I had difficulty deciding on how to repaint her faceup. Eventually I settled on a glam/fantasy look with lots of lush eyelashes and more colorful eyeshadow than I typically use. It’s been a few months since I did faceups for Reimu and my Dollce head using airbrushed sealant, and those faceups have held up fine, so I used the same materials for Kos-mos.


The elf ears enhance her fantasy look. They’re the same ones made by 9MaoDoll that I reviewed earlier.


One tricky thing about Kos-mos sculpt is that she has a very small head compared to typical Dollfie Dream. There are probably headcaps from other DD that would make her head a bit taller, but I couldn’t find one in my collection that made a significant difference. Instead I went through my collection to find some smaller-than-average wigs. Even wigs without bangs can be a bit big for her, but I liked this natural-looking Leeke wig. The pink bob wig is from Dollyteria.


I’ve noticed a lot of Japanese faceup artists use the eye beveler, so I tried it this time. It definitely helps get a better fit for her eyes- probably the production of DD heads doesn’t cut the eye holes that precisely. The best fit eyes for Kos-mos seem to be 20mm.


I really like her slightly wistful expression, so glad that her look is finally settled!