Custom Faceup for Sheryl Nome

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Ever since I pre-ordered DD Sheryl Nome, my intent was to repaint her, but I just kept putting it off and she ended up neglected all year. Finally, I had no more excuses to postpone so I figured out a concept I was mostly happy with and got to work!

I suppose all the dead-end designs and waffling paid off in the end, because I’m so happy with her new look! It’s way better than I expected from my sketches and everything I hoped when I first saw her sculpt.


One difficulty this time is that her smaller eyes meant I don’t really have any pretty metallic resin eyes made that fit her- that’s up next on my to-do list. For now she’s got these old non-metallic 22mm eyes, though I think the color suits her pretty well.


Another tricky thing is that unlike most DD, she has a very well defined lower eyelid- more like SD resin style dolls. I ended up leaving the waterline natural but you could go either way, she’s a pretty versatile sculpt and there are lots of possible faceups I could see for her. I did end up painting some subtle teeth for her, not as pouty as my concept since she looked better with a sweeter expression.


Sheryl looks good with Smart Doll Mirai’s wig, too! Definitely a winner in the ‘mature looks’ category :D
Guess this means I need to hurry up and repaint my Alna this year, too.