Custom DDH-12 Faceup

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Finally nice weather has returned (mostly) and since I’m stuck at home most days, I started working on my faceup backlog between making batches of eyes. My favorite lately is this custom semi-white DDH-12, who took a couple tries to get right. I originally modded the nose and started working on a faceup months ago before bailing when I had trouble with the blue paint I tried. I’m so used to the Liquitex brand acrylics now, I’ll stick with those- once I bought new paint everything went smoothly!

This time I added some darker brown and black pastel around the eyes to make her look a bit tired and gothy. She’ll contrast nicely with my smiling NS DDH-12 girl.

Can confirm that DDP just barely fits this Ronshuka outfit :D


She got to try some of my failed pre-order Twinkle eyes, pink color works very nicely for her.


Since I was testing some new demonic eye designs, she also got to be my first model for those as well. We’re getting batty with the papercraft hair clips, too.


Pure-hearted demon?


And finally I wanted to try a couples photoshoot with my tan DDH-12 girl for comparison. I think the contrasting faceup styles make them look really different!


Photoshop some sparkles and BAM! Extra cute factor!