Custom DDH-01 complete!

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Finally finished!

I started this custom SWS DDH-01 girl some time ago, she was a practice run for a custom faceup and I ended up being unhappy with the mouth mod. Flash forward to yesterday, I decided to get ready and warm up for some new faceup projects, and went ahead and finished this gal’s painting. The mouth is still a bit rough but it’s not that visible from normal viewing distance. She’s cute enough that I can live with it :)

The modification process was pretty much the same as documented in this post, I used carving tools, files and sanding film to remove the mouth and reshape the nose. The closed eyes were opened, and I found the Volks 22mm eye bevel tool handy for that. Now that Volks USA has reasonable US shipping rates, it’s worth picking up some of their faceup tools like the eye bevels and paint brushes.

Faceup and eyes – jadepixel
Wig – F-zero (taobao)
Outfit – Volks