Custom DD Reimu

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DD Reimu was on my wishlist for a while, so when she showed up for a good price on the Dollfie Dreams forum I couldn’t resist. I tested her as a catboy with the DDS boy body, but wasn’t quite sure if it worked or not. Looks cute with the DearSD outfit, though!

Blank Reimu shows loads of cuteness potential. I forgot how much of a pain the hard headcaps are, though!


And voila! A cute kitty faceup!

I continued my airbrush experiments with this faceup. Liquitex Matte Medium is used as a fixative, with a final coat of Matte Varnish. This ended up working pretty nicely – the varnish isn’t great to paint on, but the airbrushed medium is a really lovely surface. I just have to be more careful and add a few coats of medium with each stage since it’s not as tough as varnish. Now to see if it holds up over time…


This outfit looks surprisingly cute on DDS boy!

I love the sculpt of the ‘deka’ hands but they feel too large for girls. Maybe I should try shrinking them with acetone?


And wearing my home made eyes as usual :3