Custom DD Melty as Maki Nishikino

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While I was working on my custom Kos-Mos project, I was also finally giving Melty her custom faceup. She’d been hanging out with me quite some time while I finalized sealant experiments and waited for the perfect weather. Summer arrived, and I could get back to faceups again, though Kos-Mos made it to the finish line before Melty. Her new look is inspired by Maki Nishikino from the Love Live anime.

She’s been in the works for a while – these eyes were made for her a long time before she even came to me for a faceup.  My free time is quite limited now so I’m only doing a few faceups here and there, and only for myself or friends since my schedule is so unpredictable.


The Melty sculpt has a really sweet smile- I see some resemblance to Yuki Morikawa with this new faceup.


I guess after planning so much I didn’t have to fuss as long to finish this faceup, even with new sealant everything went pretty quick and no major hiccups.  I’m happy to see her finally completed!