Charlotte and Kitty Friend

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Since my new lens is good for shooting tiny dolls, I decided to test it out on Charlotte. She’s still wearing this cute Azone set, I really should change it but she’s so cute and it’s hard to find things that fit. Maybe I’ll pick up one of the new Volks YoSD sets for her…




Also I’ve been working on another sewing project lately- a MSD-sized plush kitty girl. Bernadette or Birdie for short is based on a cat girl character design I’ve drawn. I’ve been thinking about making a posable plush doll that’s compatible with MDD-sized clothes, so I’m excited to finally get this prototype made! There’s still some derpyness but I think furry plush fabric may be more forgiving than thin cotton. I’ll revise her hands and feet, and scale down the head a bit, and then give the pattern a try with fur fabric.


Eventually she will have some resin eyes and embroidery thread details, this hacky version still has pins holding everything together. I’m excited that it’s come along this nicely so far, the wire armature inside poses pretty well and seems sturdy enough.


And here’s the original Birdie concept drawing – I’ve adjusted the proportions so she can wear MDD clothes easily. Fingers crossed I can make her look this cute!