Boyish DDH-07

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Lately I’ve been more into boy BJD, and since Volks is slow to release any male DD and the Smart Doll boy didn’t win my heart, I’ve been seeking alternatives. I’m still working on my boy-Anais faceup (almost done!) but meanwhile I also got inspired to make a boyish DDH-07 custom. Working on two fellas at the same time turned out to be pretty practical, the pastel colors used are a lot different than my go-to peaches and pinks for girls. In this case I made use of Volks chocolate brown pastel for most of the blushing, with just a hint of pink.

I think the result is pretty boyish, though they could also pass for a mature woman- like a tough mother who doesn’t wear much makeup because she’s a total badass! Heheh.
But as a bishonen he/she is pretty charming too ^_^
The best I could do for the body is DDIII with SS-bust and large size hands. Some looser pants would make it a little more convincing, but for an androgynous character it’s fine.