Azone Pure Neemo / Obitsu hybrid

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I decided to try my hand at painting a closed-eye head – clearly, it’s going to take a bit more practice. Custom decals are also an option, since getting symmetrical eyes is the biggest challenge for me.
The easy part was blushing the Obitsu head to match Azone’s skin tones- just a bit of peach pastel did the trick.

Pure Neemo bodies have adorable proportions and can do the cutest sitting poses. Mobility is very limited, although updated bodies will soon fix this. One advantage over Obitsu is that all the parts are firmly connected, so no worries about arms and hands falling off at will.

The Obitsu head fit easily on the neck peg for the PN body. She can use the same 4-5″ wigs as the Parabox muffin head and Fairyland C-line Dolls.

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  1. Yay!!! Welcome to the 1/6th world XD I made a Mini Me using the custom decals… they worked fairly well for me, but I’ve heard people have a lot of problems with them (they are quite the hassle getting them to stick).

    She’s a cutie though. :) I like her!

  2. Oops, I missed your commment-
    Thanks! I really like the size, it’s perfect for taking outdoors hiking and such. I may look for more azone goodies in japan :3