Arrival: Dream Choice Tan MDD DDH-12

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Since Volks released the tan option for Dream Choice and D’Coord dolls, it’s been on my wishlist to own a tan DD, but it wasn’t until last week that I finally snagged one! She popped up in a second hand shop online and I wasn’t able to resist, even if I wasn’t sure about all the details.


Based on her paperwork, she’s a tan MDD with DC-H-12 head sculpt and M-02 style faceup. She came with eyes, wig, and the basic slip/panties set, as well as an extra pair of hands in the gripping sculpt.


Her eyes were the purple version of Karin’s and I didn’t think they suited her that well, so I quickly put in some of my home-made resin eyes. I don’t usually like red eyes but with a lavender wig and tan skin it’s a cute look ^_^


She’s so pouty! This sculpt is pretty much the same as DDH-01 except with a flat mouth area, allowing for various expressions to be painted there.



Here she is next to my modded DDH-01 girl in SWS, the skin tone difference is more apparent.


With NS Yui as well for comparison- Volks tan is pretty subtle in person, and without another doll next to her she could almost pass as NS.


Here she’s with my other modded DDH-01 girl, Raine. Pouty pals forever!



One interesting thing about the tan vinyl is that it feels slightly more transparent than the other skin tones, especially on the hand parts.


Extreme profile! I thought it was interesting that this faceup also included blushing on the ears, that’s not common in Volks faceups.

Trying the eyes she arrived with and a dark wig- not my first choice, but she could be a cute boy, too!