Alice Dress Raine

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Before I could get around to photographing all my Volks loot, a package from Amiami with Azone dresses arrived. They looked super nice and I couldn’t resist trying them right away! I got the Alice Dress set in blue for 50cm size, and the green set for Pure Neemo size. Since my 47cm Parabox body doesn’t fit many clothes, I tried the blue set on Raine first.

The waist is just a bit big for the petticoat, and I can’t fasten the top snap, but otherwise it fits her really well. The quality of the set is very nice, the fabrics and lace are quite delicate and soft. It seems like for the price they should have included some matching socks, but otherwise a great set. I’m curious to see how it’ll fit MDD, but for now it belongs to Raine.




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  1. I love this soft blue colour so much, I wish they had offered it in Pureneemo size as well! ♥ I would’ve loved to get one. ;u; I did order the green set for my Marron Parfait Alisa~ I can’t wait to get it, but I still have to wait a few more weeks. SAL packages have gotten really slow lately. :C

    But Raine looks really adorable in this set, her pink hair is a nice contrast with the blue~ I also love how the satin ribbon on the headband has that soft glow, just like her eyes! :3 So lovely~ ♥

    • jadepixel

      The green set is gorgeous, glad you ordered that one! I think it’ll look super cute on Alisa :D
      I was tempted to get the other one, but I’ve got a similar blue/stripe dress for PNM already. I hope they do some more sets in different colors in the future. The quality has been really good for Azone clothes recently!
      And thanks, I hadn’t tried Raine with a pink wig before, it’s pretty cute and sort of Easter themed :3