9MaoDoll Resin Elf Ears for Dollfie Dream

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It’s been a crazy busy year, so I only just got a chance to try out these resin elf ears that I picked up on Taobao a few months ago. Some folks expressed interest after I posted them on instagram, so I figured I’d do a quick review and photoshoot.

This is my first order from 9maoDoll, and I was really excited to pick up some cheap resin accessories to try for my DD girls.  In addition to the elf ears they have horns and other magnetic accessories for BJD. The ears I ordered are meant to fit DD or SD, and are available in 3 skin tones. I picked the semi-white hoping that it’d fit my SWS DD girls.

My custom DDH-01 girl tried them first- they are a bit lighter in tone than SWS but not too bad. The fit on the right ear is very good! The ears came with some white putty like sticky-tack, and I used that to attach them temporarily.

From the back you can see the main issue- the left ear doesn’t fit nearly as well. With some heat it maybe possible to reshape and bend the resin, but I’m not sure I want to try it on such a thin, fragile item.

Still, it’s possible to style hair to mostly hide the seams, and the ears are pretty cute! For about $9 USD it’s a really good deal and I’ll accept some imperfections.