Shop Update: New styles and restock

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Another new batch of eyes is coming to the shop! There are restocks for some popular colors and styles, plus I’ve added a variety of new styles. I’m hoping to do a pre-order soon for some popular styles, but might have to figure out some logistics first. For example, I’m running low on eye packaging which I can usually get from China. Maybe now is a good time to switch to recyclable/compostable packaging anyway :D


Waned to show off these glittery pink cateye designs – one of my faves from this batch!

On the latest batches of eyes I’ve made the clear pupil part deeper – the result is that the eyes have a ‘follow’ effect, pretty neat!


I’m also testing out a new style called ‘Sombra’, hope you like it!


Thanks for reading, and thanks for supporting me! I enjoy sharing my handicrafts with the doll community, and I hope it brings a bit of joy to everyone in these stressful times.